Friday, April 30, 2010

The Man Behind The Magic

Disney's Human Element - The Man Behind The Magic (by Scott Smith (SRisonS))

Where else on Earth can a garbage can be so much fun!?!?!?!?! Nowhere else.... that's where. ;)

And yes, please still walk by and throw their trash in there. Even though it's moving around and saying 'Thanks'.

Magic Kingdom
Walt Disney World, FL

Monday, April 26, 2010

Safety First... Lifeguard On Duty

Lifeguard On Duty (by Scott Smith (SRisonS))

As much emphasis as Disney places on giving its guests a great experience, they also never take shortcuts when it comes to guests' safety.

Everywhere you go on Disney property, the wardrobe/'costumes' of its Cast Members varies; depending on the theme. One thing that is completely traditional, is the dress of its lifeguards. The red and white (not seen here ;) ) is like the International color scheme of safety. You have no question as to who is "On Duty".

Blizzard Beach Water Park
Walt Disney World Resort, FL

Monday, April 19, 2010

Last Visit With Mr. Sanders

Disney's Human Element - Last Visit With Mr Sanders (by Scott Smith (SRisonS))


Memories of your first visit.

Memories of seeing the castle for the first time.

Memories of meeting your favorite character.

Memories of the thrill and the magic.

Memories of what Disney used to be.

Memories of your last visit with Mr. Sanders.

Pooh's Playful Spot
Magic Kingdom
Walt Disney World, FL

P.S. And I know that Pooh isn't Mr. Sanders. ;)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hiding In Plain Sight

Disney's Human Element - Hiding In Plain Sight (by Scott Smith (SRisonS))

Everyday, somewhere in "The World"; guests get so drawn into the atmosphere, that many Cast Members probably get overlooked.

In some cases, I guess it's not actually that bad; considering that Disney goes all out to immerse its guests in that experience.

Mexico Pavilion
Epcot World Showcase
Walt Disney World, FL

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Desperate Times.... Desperate Measures

Disney's Human Element - Desperate Times... Desperate Measures (by Scott Smith (SRisonS))

... A little more stretch, and she could've gotten the whole wall in there. Oh well, maybe next time. ;)

We've all been in this scenario; we want a picture of us "being there", but no one's around to take the pic. I know it doesn't seem right for me to say that... seeing as how I'm taking a picture of her taking her own picture; but I'm really not that mean (there were quite a few people near her, and I even started to walk over before she eventually moved). Although most of these shots don't turn out the best (is that an iPhone??? Maybe she has a specially designed UUUUWA on there), but when they're well executed, the perspective can add a beautiful element to the shot.

But when you're at Disney, and you feel like you have to rely on taking your own picture... just ask somebody!!!! Most people are very willing to help. And if you see someone trying to take these self-portraits, don't stop and take a picture of them struggling. Stop whatever you're doing, and help them out. ;)

Morocco Pavilion
Epcot World Showcase
Walt Disney World, FL

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Expressing Congrats

One of special aspects about being a part of the Disney community, is the happiness people express for others' accomplishments. Whether it's booking a trip, buying a "new toy", getting married.... just WHATEVER; someone always seems to be there to at least express a simple 'Congrats'.

Most recently, a book entitled The Unofficial Guide: The Color Companion to Walt Disney World was released; and I'm proud to say that a few of my Flickr contacts have been spotlighted in the book. And now their work is out there for the world to see. It's definitely a travel guide; but their amazing Disney pictures help guide guests all over "The World".

So to Matt, Tom, Joe, Tim, Jeff, Cory, Vanessa, Cody, Gary, Josh, and everyone else.... Congrats!!!!