Friday, September 13, 2013


Disney's Human Element - Admiration

When your co-workers at DISNEY are taking time to admire your work, you know you're doing something special.

Last year, I posted a pic of just the artist and Donald.  Thought it'd be cool to show a little something different to this scene.

Star Wars Weekends 2012
Cast Member Joseph
Darth Maul Donald Duck
Studio Catering Co.
Disney's Hollywood Studios
Walt Disney World, FL

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Marsh-mellowed Out

Disney's Human Element - Marsh-mellowed Out 

  Excerpt from trip report:

"One of the things we planned to do today was the Yacht/Beach Club campfire. I had seen this scheduled on other days, but we were unable to attend for whatever reasons. So tonight, it was a definite must do. One thing I'd really recommend is to take advantage of the various activities your particular resort might do. I don't think you'd totally kick yourself for not doing them. But they give you an opportunity to add another little element to your trip. It's nice to say, "we roasted marshmallows on the beach".... or "we watched a movie under the stars".... etc.... Anyway, we head down at 6:30, and roasting marshmallows is exactly what we did. And I'm kinda embarrased to say it, but this was the first time I properly roasted them. Even though I've been camping before, I don't recall being shown the proper technique. All other times, I would just put the marshmallow on the stick..... put it in the flames..... let it get totally lit.... blow out the little flame... and chow down!!! I never realized I should be picking the perfect little nook in the campfire, and slowly turning the stick until the marshmallow is nicely/evenly roasted. It took a little longer than expected, but I gotta admit that I really enjoyed that method."

DisBoards Trip Report

Disney's Beach Club Resort
Walt Disney World, FL