Saturday, June 26, 2010

View The World

Disney's Human Element - View The World (by Scott Smith (SRisonS))

Epcot's World Showcase. A beautiful place to just relax and take it easy. Although crowds can get somewhat insane here; it's always easy find a nice spot to temporarily escape the hustle and bustle. And where else can you sit and just enjoy the view of 11.5 countries??? (I don't know what to call that sad showing of Africa)

Epcot World Showcase
Walt Disney World, FL

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Art of Disney

Disney's Human Element - The Art of Disney (by Scott Smith (SRisonS))

Imagine Bud Light's "Real Men of Genius" Commercials:

Disney Presents... Real Men of Genius
"Real Men of Genius"
Today we salute you, Mr. Water Artist

When Disney needs save a few bucks
You're the one for the job
Animatronics???? .... No Way
Fancy Lights??? ... Don't Even Think About It
Just water and a bag; and you're the Picaso of the Parks
"Artsy Fartsy!!!!!"

Who cares if you're blocking sidewalks
Hey kid!!! Move that foot. You wouldn't step on a painting would you?
"This Ain't A Twister Board!!!!!"
You're supplying smiles with your cool style
So keep working on that Ground Gallery Mr. Water Artist
You show that low tech, is simply cool as heck

"Mr. Disney World Water Artist!!!!!!"

P.S. I am in NO WAY trying to mock what they do. I think it is absolutely amazing. And I was totally surprised the first time I saw this. I actually felt bad that most people weren't stopping to admire the kid's work. It was at Downtown Disney during a crowded night though. So you could barely see what was going on.

Water Art
Liberty Square
Magic Kingdom
Walt Disney World, FL

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Behind the Phenomenon

Disney's Human Element - Behind The Phenomenon (by Scott Smith (SRisonS))

Ever since the first installment of this series hit the scene, fans have been enamored with its presence at the parks. Whether not being able to turn around without seeing High School Musical merchandise, or constantly seeing this show (which seemed like every hour), or having "What time is is!?!?!" or "We're all in this together!!!!" unfortunately stuck in our heads; you can't deny that this is a force to be reckoned with.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year - Right Here! Right Now!
Disney's Hollywood Studios
Walt Disney World, FL

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Traditional Magic

Disney's Human Element - Traditional Magic

Animation drawings were once hand-inked or photocopied onto clear pieces of celluloid - or cels - and then hand-painted. Today, using computer technology, character and effects drawings are inked and painted digitially. Here in our Ink and Paint department, Disney artists carry on the tradition by creating hand-painted limited editions.
- The Signage Above This Area ;)

Theodora DeLaney
Ink and Paint Department
The Magic of Disney Animation
Disney's Hollywood Studios
Walt Disney World, FL