Monday, January 18, 2010

Reaching Out

Disney's Human Element - Reaching Out (by Scott Smith (SRisonS))

In being a part of the Disney community, you realize the part that Disney can play in people's lives. And when interacting with others, you feel the comfort and welcoming that you won't get anywhere else.

Every once in a while, you'll see someone asking for a Disney related favor. The skeptical part of you makes you hesitate to get involved; but the "Disney" part of you takes over, and you gladly see what you can do. Last year, a chance encounter allowed me to reach out to a grieving mother..... the skeptical part never kicked it.

In April of 2009, Jennifer Dooley lost her son Michael. It would have been his 10th birthday that July; and a June trip to Star Wars Weekends was in order. Unfortunately, he was unable to make that trip. Fortunately for Jenn, a great friend of hers was eagerly waiting to help. Her friend made a post on the Star Wars message boards; asking for some assistance in a very special endeavor. The night before Star Wars Weekends began; I was visiting these boards one last time, to make sure no unexpected events were occurring. That’s when I came upon the posting. I immediately started to think how I could help…. and contribute to the Michael’s Name Project. So I made the sign that’s pictured, and had a few of the Star Wars Characters (the Disney ones) sign it. I e-mailed the pictures to Jenn’s friend, who then mailed them to Jenn herself. I thought I’d just get a nice simple e-mail saying thanks. But I received an e-mail from Jenn, and another from a relative of hers, expressing their deepest heartfelt gratitude. All in all, it was a true pleasure being able to bring any amount of happiness to this family. I am so glad I decided to reach out.

May the Disney Force Be With Us All.

Michael’s Name Project Flickr Group
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