Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bringing In The 4th

Disney's Human Element - Bringing In The 4th

Every year at the Magic Kingdom, Disney puts on a SPECTACULAR fireworks display; with 360 degrees of pure goodiness!!!!!! And if you don't want to brave the crowds on the 4th, you can even check out the same show on the 3rd (as I did here). ;)

As this was my first visit to the Magic Kingdom for this event, I'll admit that I was being a little pouty as we were moving further and further from the castle as the fireworks were about to begin. As you can see, we didn't end up in the greatest of spots, but the show took an amazing turn; and fireworks were going off all around us. So we were still able to really enjoy this magnificent display.

4th of July Fireworks, on July 3rd ;)
Main Street, U.S.A.
Magic Kingdom
Walt Disney World, FL

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Roni said...

Hey Scott!:) I didn't know you have a blog! You know your human element set has always been my favorite on flickr. I look forward to following!:)