Friday, December 31, 2010

Warning: 1st Visit May Cause Sleepiness

Disney's Human Element - Warning: 1st Visit May Cause Sleepiness

... And yet, it will bring a lifetime of memories
... It will be a dream fulfilled
... It will be the fabulous end-result of continuous planning
... It will be the joy of meeting all of your favorite characters
... It will be fun and adventure around every corner
... It will be the discovery of real-life magic
... It will be.... A thousand ways to catch a nap ;)

"Endless" Magic Kingdom
Walt Disney World, FL

It has been such a great year, photography-wise and life-wise. Personally, I feel like I've had some active progression when it comes to shooting and post-processing. It's been great getting to know (and eventually meet) some of the amazing people here on Flickr. And as far as my home life, well..... most of you know the main part of that story. ;)

Have A Wonderful New Year Everyone!!!!

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