Thursday, May 9, 2013

"You Better Think (Think!!!)"

Disney's Human Element - "You Better Think (Think!!!)"

Went to check out IBM's THINK exhibit a while back.  I'd definitely recommend it if you want to further you park experience.  Also, it takes no real time commitment.  So you can just stop by for a few minutes if you want to.  And if anything, it displays what EPCOT is all about.... learning and innovation.

There are big touch-screens that show the history of technology and science.  And also ones that explain currently emerging ideas (i.e. Developing a novel treatment for leukemia; and Fighting crime with data).

But the pleasantly time-consuming aspect of this exhibit is the 100 Icons of Progress.  The icons grace the walls of the area, and demonstrate, quote; "...IBMers' faith in science, our restless pursuit of knowledge, and our belief that together we can make the world work better."

Presented by IBM
Walt Disney World, FL

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